Filtermist oil mist collectors efficiently remove oil mist for a safer workshop environment

Conform to worldwide occupational health and safety standards

Workplace Emissions Measurement (Air Monitoring)

Many oil mist producing applications can result in operatives being exposed to a wide range of hazardous substances in the workplace. These contaminants can include dusts, fumes, vapours, fibres, gases and micro-organisms. Depending upon the substance and the extent of exposure, employees can experience a wide range of adverse health effects potentially leading to a variety of diseases.

Filtermist oil mist collectors help manufacturing businesses comply with local health and safety guidelines by reducing the amount of airborne pollutants. In some countries the penalties for being in breach of these guidelines can be severe with heavy fines for the business and individuals responsible within the company.

It is also important to keep a healthy workforce to reduce down time and sickness which negatively affect the productivity of the business. Air Monitoring will indicate the extent of exposure occurring and highlight the effectiveness of any control measures in place. The results should be compared with relevant exposure limits to determine the need for improvements.

Filtermist can advise on the effectiveness of control measures in place and assist in the formulation of appropriate risk management strategies.

When should you use air monitoring?

  • Where there is a serious risk to health from inhalation of the substance.
  • To check that exposure limits are not exceeded.
  • To check that your exposure controls work well enough, or if you need better.
  • To check that new controls work well enough.
  • After process or production changes that mean exposure may have changed.
  • To show any need for health surveillance.
  • As defence against an insurance claim.

Service Monitor

F Monitor

F Monitor

F Monitor provides an accurate, immediate and easy to read indication of whether your oil mist collection system is working efficiently or needs servicing.

F Monitor
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